About Us | Markowicz Fine Art

The origins of our fine art gallery

Since its establishment in 2010, Markowicz Fine Art has affirmed its position on the map of contemporary art not only in the United States, but internationally. Founded and directed by Bernard Markowicz, our fine art gallery has evolved into a renowned destination for discerning art collectors and enthusiasts worldwide, while helping to build new audiences. With galleries in the vibrant heart of Miami, the artistic hub of the Dallas Design District, and now also the Laguna Niguel Design Center, our expansion marks a commitment to sharing exceptional artistry with new audiences.


The Best of Contemporary Art at the Markowicz Fine Art Gallery

Markowicz Fine Art promotes an impressive roster of internationally renowned fine art artists, from influential masters like Pop Art icons, Andy Warhol and Tom Wesselman, master of Hyperrealism, Carole Feuerman, figurative artist Fernando Botero, and contemporary surrealist Annalù, to emerging luminaries such as Idan Zareski, L'Atlas, Leo & Steph, and the cutting-edge street artist Kaï. As the exclusive agent for French virtuoso Alain Godon, we proudly showcase his groundbreaking Bildoreliefo technique, exemplifying innovation and artistic evolution. From photography and print, sculptures and paintings or mixed media, Bernard Markovicz’s fine art world promises to captivate and inspire.
In partnership with Bel-Air Fine Art, a prestigious gallery with global acclaim, Markowicz Fine Art extends its reach, offering collectors access to a diverse spectrum of fine art from across the globe. Bel-Air Fine Art's esteemed roster includes artists like Patrick Hughes, Antoine Rose, Cédric Bouteiller, and Hong Yi Zhuang, enriching our collective artistic landscape.


Curated Collecting for Elevated Experiences

At Markowicz Fine Art, we curate artistic experiences rather than mere . Our galleries provide a space for exploration and inspiration, where each artwork invites viewers on a journey of discovery. Whether it's your first art acquisition or an addition to an extensive collection, our expert advisor team is dedicated to guiding you through your personal artistic journey.
Specializing in the placement of artworks in residential, commercial, and hospitality projects, including prestigious hotels and restaurants, Markowicz Fine Art ensures that each piece seamlessly integrates into its environment, elevating the aesthetic appeal and ambiance of any space.

Join us at the Markowicz art gallery, where passion meets possibility, and every masterpiece has a story to tell. Experience the transformative power of art as we continue to enrich the cultural landscape and inspire collectors worldwide.