Famous Fine Art Artists

Markowicz Fine Art showcases a wide variety of established and emerging fine art artists from around the world. Each of Markowicz Fine Art’s galleries features fine artworks from internationally renowned artists, including master of Hyperrealism, Carole Feuerman, best-selling French artist, Richard Orlinski, international street artist, Kaï, and many more. Browse the list of our fine artists below and find your favorite contemporary art for sale.


Between Painting, Sculpture and Photography, from Hyperrealism to the Ethereal: Carole Feuerman, Arno Elias, Annalù, Beau Simmons, and many more

Markowicz Fine Art is proud to present a wide-ranging array of artists, each contributing a unique perspective and artistic vision to the gallery's vibrant program. From hyperrealistic sculpture to ethereal photography, the gallery represents a diverse lineup of talent that pushes creative boundaries, challenges conventions, and inspires meaningful dialogue.


Among the distinguished roster of artists are Carole Feuerman, a pioneer in hyperrealistic sculpture whose meticulous craftsmanship and emotive depth set new standards; Arno Elias, a French-American artist and musician who channels his commitment to environmental sustainability and endangered species into his hand-painted photographs and musical compositions; Annalù, who creates ethereal landscapes and mythical architectures with her surrealist resin-glass sculptures, drawing inspiration from lyricism and symbolism; and Beau Simmons, a master of medium format film photography who captures the essence of the Western lifestyle with poignant authenticity.


Beyond these examples, Markowicz Fine Art represents a diverse array of famous fine art artists whose work spans a myriad of mediums and styles. From abstract expressionism to figurative painting, from sculpture to photography, the gallery's roster reflects the richness and diversity of contemporary art today.


With a shared commitment to artistic innovation, social consciousness, and creative expression, the artists represented by Markowicz Fine Art collectively challenge perceptions, and leave a unique mark on the world of contemporary art. Whether through realism, abstraction or surrealism, with sculpture, painting, or photography, each artist brings their very own voice to the gallery, enriching the cultural landscape and inspiring audiences around the globe.

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