Markowicz Fine Art showcases a wide variety of established international and emerging artists. We represent artists from around the world such as France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Canada, and of course, the U.S., to name a few. Each of Markowicz Fine Art’s galleries feature works from internationally renowned artists, including master of Hyperrealism, Carole Feuerman, best-selling French artist in the world, Richard Orlinski, international street artist, Kaï, as well as Idan Zareski, Leo & Steph, Annalu, Arno Elias, Tom Lieber, Michael Kalish, Cedric Bouteiller, Isabelle Scheltjens, Banksy, Paul Ecke, Antoine Dufilho, Beau Simmons, Lisa Bartleson, Eva Armisen, Christopher Schulz, Larisa Safaryan, Santiago Montoya, Hunt Rettig, RISK, Mr. Brainwash, Peppone, Joseph, Craig Alan, CEVE, and Lyés among others.